Volunteers Application

Welcome to the volunteers application form for TheWebConf 2022 (formerly known as www2022)!

We expect a lot more applicants than there will be positions available so make sure you use the form to tell us as much about yourself that is relevant to being a The Web Conference Volunteer. If you are applying to volunteership because you have been accepted to present a poster or paper use the “Misc” comments box to tell us that as well.

During the week of the conference, volunteers are expected to be available to work 25 to 35 hours. In exchange, volunteers will receive a FREE conference registration.

You will be able to indicate your preferred work schedule to accommodate any time off you need to present or attend conference presentations. We will attempt to give you a roster that considers your requirements but cannot guarantee it.

Please note that the conference will be held online and that presence in Lyon is not required.

Send us an application before Tuesday March 15th and we will notify you shortly of the result.

Good Luck and we hope to meet you online during this conference hosted by Lyon.

Any additional questions should be directed to the volunteers chairs : volunteers2022[at]thewebconf.org

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