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Thursday 28 April

Steve Jarrett
  •  Lionel Tailhardat, Data and AI Research Engineer, Orange Innovation.
    Walks in Cyberspace: Improving Web Browsing and Network Activity Analysis With 3D Live Graph Rendering
    Web Developer and W3C Track
    15:45 – 16:05
Lionel Tailhardat

Orange at the forefront of research related to the Web

Orange has been carrying out research programs for many years that resonate with some of the key thematics covered by TheWebConf. As a telecom operator, we are conducting research to transform our networks so that they become more agile, efficient and secure, providing ambient connectivity and supporting a growing diversity of needs and technical constraints, while reducing their impact on environment.

As an example, we participate to the European cooperative project DEDICAT-6G dedicated to the dynamic distribution of data processing and storage at the edge, for delay and energy consumption optimization. We also conduct research on Structured Knowledge Extraction from texts, using Advanced Natural Language Processing for detecting candidate entities and relations and thus automatically enriching Knowledge Graphs. Two important applications of these Knowledge Graphs are data semantization upstream of data analytics and the development of conversational agents.

The metaverse: the future of the internet and digital practices

The word metaverse is the new buzzword in the tech world. It embodies the Internet of the future based on various booming technologies: 3D, AR/VR, Blockchain, connectivity. But what is it really? The metaverse is a set of persistent, interconnected and immersive virtual spaces accessible online through digital avatars that share and interact with each other. In what looks like an alternative reality, visitors will be able to engage in all kinds of activities: social, commercial, recreational or professional.