Local Organization Committee

Conference General co-chairs

Frédérique  Laforest

  Frédérique Laforest

Frédérique is Professor at INSA Lyon, and leader of the TWEAK group at LIRIS lab. CNRS UMR 5205.

Her research interests concern information extraction on the Web and knowledge streams querying and reasoning. She has applied research to various domains including electronic medical records, question answering on the Web, Web of Things.

She has supervized 13 PhD students, participated in numerous european and national research projects and is author and co-author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications in books, journals, conferences and workshops.

She was organizer or chair of several conferences and workshops, including The Web Conference 2018

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  Raphaël Troncy

Raphaël is an associate professor in the Data Science Department of EURECOM. He is also the representative of Institut Mines Telecom at the Advisory Committee of the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) where he participated in several standardization groups. He is an expert for the European Commission (FP7, H2020), for the French National Funding Agency (ANR, BPI) as well as for various National Agencies in Europe in the areas of AI, Big Data and Digital Transformation.

His research interests include: Semantic Web, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Graphs, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding, Multimodal Information Extraction, Recommender Systems. He has developed prototypes for various domains such as creative industries, cultural heritage, medias, tourism, automotive, finance and insurance, etc.

He has supervised 14 PhD students and he has published more than 250 peer-reviewers articles in journals, conferences and workshops.

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Raphaël  Troncy

Local Organization Committee co-chairs

Laurent  Flory

  Laurent Flory

Laurent is the Chief Information and Digital Officer of Université de Lyon.He is an engineer in computing science and owns a master’s degree in industrial economics. He has a strong background in ICT for education and network engineer activities.

From 2007 to 2017, he steered the Université Numérique in the Rhone-Alpes Region, accompanying many innovative projects.

Since 2010, he is a board member of the CSIESR (the French largest Higher Ed IT professional association) in charge of international affairs.

After leading the organization of both WWW2012 and The Web Conference 2018 in Lyon, he joined the IW3C2 (the conference steering committee) in 2017. He is now in charge of coordination between the different organization teams and GDPR issues.

  Luc Mariaux

Luc has been a researcher in the domain of Computer Human Interfaces. He was also the director of the Computer Resources Center of Ecole Centrale de Lyon, one among the founding members of Université de Lyon. He is now retired and continues his activities as an Honorary Research Engineer at Université de Lyon.

He is the Treasurer of IW3C2 and also a member of the steering committee of the BIG (BigData Innovators Gathering) conference series, and former organization Co-Chair of WWW2012, CIUEN2012 and The Web Conference 2018.

He is also a former Board Member of the CSIESR, the French largest Higher Ed IT professional association, and a Board Member of the Cultural encounter center of Ambronay, organizer of a famous festival of baroque music.

Luc  Mariaux

Local Organization Committee members

Pierre-Antoine  Champin

  Pierre-Antoine Champin

Pierre-Antoine is an associate professor at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, member of the TWEAK research group at LIRIS Lab. Currently in a sabbatical at ERCIM, he is also a W3C fellow.

He has been representing Université de Lyon in various W3C working groups (Media annotation, RDF, LDP). His research interests include interoperable data and knowledge representation on the Web, and the design of intelligent interactive systems. He is coordinating the teaching of Web technologies in the Computer Science department of IUT Lyon 1. He is an author or co-author of 1 book chapter, 11 journal papers, 67 conference papers, and member of program committees in major Web and Semantic Web conferences (WWW, ISWC, ESWC).

He was General Co-Chair of The Web Conference 2018.

  Coralie Grégoire

Coralie is the TheWebConf project manager at the Université de Lyon since April 2021.

During five years after her masters degree in geopolitics and diplomacy, she accompanied international scientists and students in their mobility in Lyon and Saint Etienne. Through the development of the Espace Ulys agency in Saint Etienne, she has been able to offer a complete administrative support and activities to international scientists from all fields.

By joining the Local Organization Commitee, she will participate organizing and managing this 2022 edition of TheWebConf and she will continue to bring her help to scientists from all over the world.

Coralie  Grégoire
Ivan  Herman

  Ivan Herman

After several years of research in computer graphics, parallel programming, or multimedia development, Ivan joined the staff of W3C in 2001. Apart from some management jobs within the organization, he has been active in the areas of the Semantic Web, Digital Publishing, and, recently, in Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials. Beyond his research activities, he was co-editor of around 20 International Standards, mostly at the W3C.

He is a former (and founding) Board Member of the Force11 organization, and was part of the Executive Committee and former Vice-chair of the Eurographics Association. He has been member of IW3C2 since 2000, was General Co-chair of the WWW9 conference in Amsterdam in 2000, and has played an active role in the organization of WWW2003, WWW2008, WWW2012, and the Web Conference 2018.

  Yoelle Maarek

Yoelle worked at IBM from 1989 until 2006, and became a distinguished engineer at IBM before moving to Google. In 2006, she founded the Google Haifa Engineering Center in Haifa, Israel, where one of her key projects involved autocompletion for Google and YouTube queries. During 2009-2017 she worked in Yahoo research in Israel.

From August 2017 she joined Amazon where she is a vice president, responsible for Amazon’s Alexa Shopping Research.

She is a member of IW3C2 and she acts as the liaison with this committee.

Yoelle  Maarek
Lionel  Médini

  Lionel Médini

Lionel is an associate professor at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and member of the TWEAK research group at LIRIS Lab CNRS 5205.

He is a representative of Université de Lyon in the Web of Things W3C community group. He is mainly interested in embedding semantic technologies in everyday objects using web standards, as well as in mashups for informational and physical web applications. As he also teaches advanced Web technologies (he is coordinating the master degree web courses at the Computer Science department of FST Lyon 1), he is as well interested in exploiting these technologies to develop efficient client-side reasoning solutions. He is an author or co-author of 7 journal papers, 34 conference and workshop papers.

He was General Co-Chair of The Web Conference 2018.

Local Organization Committee contributors

Gabriel  Bondaz

  Gabriel Bondaz

Gabriel is the founder and co-manager of IDCI-Consulting, a company specialized in Web architecture, engineering, development and integration.

He was also a member of the Local organization team of the conference www2012.

  Sébastien Desbenoit

Sébastien is Advertising & Content Manager at Groupe SEB.

He was the leader of the conference communication for The Web Conference 2018.

He participates in this committee as a counselor in advertising and communication domains.

Sébastien  Desbenoit